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Why We Need Energy Alternative

We are in the midst of an energy crisis. The price of a gallon of gas is sky high and there is a great deal of trouble-brewing in the Middle East, Iraq and Iran and other areas. These problems have made it clear to many United States citizens that we have an oil-driven economy.

As Americans we need to develop new directions for energy supply and the production of it. We certainly need to reduce the dependency on oil and look for alternative resources. Experts believe there is no such thing as cheap oil and they will continue to pay a high price and in the future, it will be much higher. This expense will grow in the future unless we can locate alternative sources of fueling our technologically advanced civilization. We need to find innovative sources that can be alternatives to oil.

Environmentalists would argue that we need to switch to other forms of energy because the present forms are damaging the atmosphere and climate.

There are other issues as well such as global warming, and other means of destructing the environment such as air and water pollution.

Coal is another source of energy that is counter productive. It is filthy and it is very hazardous to mine and is destroys the environment. We can also look towards new methods of producing electricity that we presently use so they have less impact on the environment.

There are nations developing and becoming more industrialized that will also need the of alternative forms of energy research and development. Other countries are also contributing to the environmental damage. The United States, and other European nations have initiated studies to look for alternative energy sources, and could lead the way in doing far less environmental damage than the United States is.

The developing nations need to look to the West who is in the process of getting help from the government and private companies who are researching alternative sources of energy. We could and should be at the forefront of research on alternative energy sources. We could certainly reap the benefits of marketing the technologies and services to other nations.

There are alternatives such as Biofuels from trees and beans, hydroelectric technology and development, natural gas, hydrogen cells, atomic energy plants and the development of solar energy.

More research needs to be done on the use of wind and solar power as well as the use of electricity and hydrogen. There is a great deal of potential out there if we widen our scope and look for alternative means to fuel our cars and maintain our technologically advanced society. Hopefully when we look towards the future it will be green.

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