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Free Online PDF Converter

PDF remains the best file format for sending, sharing, printing and archiving electronic documents. While its universal formatting and viewing features are unsurpassed, it is not so convenient for making changes. So, as much as we like receiving documents in PDF because we know we’ll be able to view the document as intended, with all the text, images and hyperlinks in their proper places, we get a headache when we receive a PDF that we need to modify. In many cases people start creating new documents and manually typing information from the PDF file in order to get the job done. To simplify the process of editing PDFs, there are PDF manipulation tools created for different purposes: to convert PDF documents into MS Excel spreadsheets, to convert PDFs into PowerPoint presentations, to allow typing in the PDF itself, to allow making bookmarks in the document, etc. Many of these tools focus on one specific feature of a PDF manipulation, like converting PDF into Excel, for example, and they are often free and online. There are, however, more advanced tools for PDF conversion and editing with more than one conversion option and we are sharing one such free online PDF Converter here today.



The advantage of this tool over many other free online converters is in its comprehensive nature: it can create PDFs from over 300 different Windows formats, as well as convert PDFs into the most used Office suite formats: .doc, .xls and .ppt.

1). PDF to DOC When you click on the PDF to DOC button, you are directed to a page where you can convert PDF files into Word documents in three easy steps. The clear and simple instructions are written on the tool page, so there is no way to make a mistake: a) upload a PDF document, b) type in your email address, c) click “Start!” The link to your editable, downloadable Word document will appear in your email inbox in a short while.

2). PDF to XLS The steps to converting PDFs to MS Excel files are the same as in the previous conversion process. This tool helps people who receive invoices, statements, reports and other data-dense documents in PDF form to easily edit and manage their spreadsheets without manually retyping data.

3). PDF to PPT Again, in order to convert PDFs into PowerPoint presentations, you’ll go through the easy 3-step conversion process and finally download your editable PPT file. PDF to PPT converter is often used by presentation makers who need to manage their old, archived PDF material in order to create new presentations.

4). Create PDF The Free Online PDF Creator is a very handy tool for creating PDFs from any of over 300 Windows formats, including .pub, jpg, tiff and other frequently used file formats. The conversion process is quick, smooth and creates PDFs that are exact matches of the original documents. The software provider guarantees the safety of user documents and erases received files within 24 hours of file upload and conversion time. Free online PDF Converter :

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