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Alternative Energy From The Wind

Did you know that wind has potential for power? It does not damage the environment plus its a powerful source of alternative energy. It is gaining popularity because other sources of fuel damage the environment and also fuel prices are now very high. When thinking of wind power you may think about windmills, but wind can also be turned into electricity. There are several countries in Europe using this power.

Wind power is transformed into electricity by using turbines. The blades turn generating an electrical current which is then powered by a generator. Almost 3% of the sun's energy can be turned into wind energy. But the origin and the use of it can be complex plus there are continuous variables that affect it’s efficiency and usage long term.

The energy of wind can be used as a generator. Most generally, wind turbines are grouped all together and in wind farms. The farms are located all across the country and there are many in California. There are large ones which have 200 turbines and put out approximately 200-300 watts of electricity. There are other countries in Europe that have used wind power successfully. Germany is one of the world's leaders in harnessing wind power.

The location of wind energy is the most important element so it can reap the most benefits. To be successful, they need be placed up as high as possible such as mountains, they also need to be put within close proximity to each other and most certainly, the speed of the wind matters. Experts are experimenting with these variables so they can harness the most energy efficiently.

Some points to consider are that the turbines tend to be quite noisy and will scare away animal life. Another is cost, they are costly to make and to put in place.

Wind energy has the potential to be a viable source of energy and is becoming widely used. To be a practical energy source, scientists are recommending to store up the energy.

This could be done by increasing the output of energy and storing the excess amounts in a surplus. It’s usage could fluctuate, because it should only be used when needed. There would need to be cost comparisons to assure that is cost effective. It can be stored with storage known as flywheel that is hydro electric.

Experts are just now exploring the use of this form of energy on a wide scale basis. There are several countries that are way ahead of us in this area and they include: China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada and Denmark. Denmark makes their own turbines. The US has a very long way to go yet before they can say that are using the power efficiently.

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