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Geothermal Energy: Alternative Energy From The Earth

Geothermal Energy: Alternative Energy From The Earth

We have an energy crisis and should take action now to do everything and anything possible to utilize geothermal energy technologies as well as other technologies so that we are less dependent on oil. This could potentially be an untapped resource as an alternative energy source because it simply utilizes the energy being produced by the Earth. There is a wealth of power that is located just below the surface. All we need do is take the initiative to tap into it and use it. It is a resource that we are not taking advantage of.

At the core the Earth’s temperature is much greater than that of boiled water. The heat creates pressure that extends a couple of miles below us, and these pressures emit huge amounts of energy.

There are super heated fluids which form into magma. It is similar to the power and energy of a volcanic eruption. The fluids fall to the surface as steam and then emerge. Vents and containment chambers can be created to hold the magna and convert it into energy. A geothermal power plant can be made and would serve as a source of magma or heated fluid. Piping could be used to force the fluids to the surface and emit steam. The steam would then be turned which would generate electricity.

There are critics of this technology who do not believe this source of energy could be used on wide scale basis. Some critics believe that the amount of research involved would be too costly and time consuming.

Also, it would be very expensive to build a geothermal power plant, and there is no guarantee of a profit. Some sites, once tapped, may not produce a sufficient amount of steam for the plant to be reliable. Some environmentalists believe that once surfaced, magma can bring up hazardous materials along with it.

However, the benefits of this type of energy could far outnumber the criticisms and may be worth exploring. It is the energy of the Earth and may not produce any pollutants.

The energy is efficient and it is worth channeling and do not need to be very large. They do not need to be as large as other facilities such as plants dams and atomic energy facilities. This would be less disruptive to the environment. It certainly is an alternative form of energy and the use of it would mean that we are much less dependent on oil and coal.

Keep in mind that we will never run short on geothermal energy. When thinking long term, the results would far outweigh the cost involved with setting it up. The energy would be very cheap inexpensive once the power plant building costs are obtained.

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