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Types Of Alternative Energy We Can Use

We are currently experiencing an energy crisis and we need to look for alternative energy sources. We need to do more research and development in this area. We need to expand our horizons beyond the fossil fuels and are old ways of being dependent on foreign countries for oil. There are certainly a wide variety of alternatives to these energy sources. Experts believe that the situation is going to get much worse, rather than better so alternative resources for energy need to be explored and put into action as soon as possible.

Wind power can be considered a viable alternative. The use of wind turbines can be developed to progressively use energy efficiently and it is less costly. There are wind farms that are being developed across the world and they are designed to be strategically placed so that they are not damaging the environment particularly birds.

Another viable energy resource is the one that you may not have heard of or considered: solar energy. Solar cells are manufactured which gather and harness the energy given off by the sun and then transmits it into electricity or, into hot water. It is an environmentally friendly resource and does not pollute the atmosphere.

You have probably never heard of ocean wave energy, have you? Experts believe this source of power may have tremendous benefit for the future. Experts believe it has enormous generating potential. France, Ireland and Scotland have successfully been using generators as a source of power for years.

Hydroelectric power can be set up as a powerful generator of electricity and it runs cleanly so there is no potential damage to the environment. However, there are limitations because a large dam cannot be set up anywhere. Small electric generators that are localized have been set up in recently for this reason.

Geothermal energy is another abundant resource. It actually is just below the surface. This type of energy is produced by heating water through the earth's hot molten core. The water then turns to steam, which can be used to keep turbine engines running which converts to electricity. Experts believe there should be extensive research done on geothermal energy tapping.

A substitute for gas can be Ethanol. It can be derived from wheat, sugar cane, strawberries, and even wood and wood cellulose. Experts believe this source of fuel may not be economically feasible as a viable energy source.

Another potential energy source is biodiesel energy. It can be created out of plant oils. There is potential for making biodiesel from soybeans, seeds and other oils. This is a slow and developing energy resource. It may not be economically feasible to use this source of energy on a large scale basis. It is much cleaner than diesel which is oil based.

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