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How To Repair Your Credit Score

You have most likely been inundated with credit card information, credit information and ways to repair your credit. There are many advertisers stating that they can repair your credit and help improve your score. You most likely have received flyers and brochures in the mail that advertise these services. The internet has a multitude of websites advertising credit repair companies and credit information and services. It sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it?

Well it may be. The federal trade Commission is involved and they have released a statement stating that essentially, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is not! They will charge you upfront anywhere from $50.00 to thousands of dollars and then disappear!

It is a scam and they are attempting to warn people about it. If you have credit problems, the last thing you need to pay this kind of money for nothing.

Keep in mind, that there is no quick fix to improve your credit score or improve your credit history. Most likely, if a company is advertising that they can do this, it is a scam. So proceed with caution. There are ways that you can work on improving your credit score. It does take a great deal of effort on your part, but you can do it.

If you do not have the time and are interested in getting help from a credit repair company, take some precautions. Check out the company first to see if there are any complaints listed at the Attorney Generals office, Better Business Bureau or Consumer Rights Agency. If there are complaints, then chances are this company is not reputable.

Be on alert for grandiose statements like they can erase your bad credit history, or improve your credit score overnight. This is illegal so you most certainly do not want to request their help.

The credit repair company should only charge you a small amount of money. If they ask for a lot of money up front, beware! Sure, they may offer guarantees, but they may disappear and you will never be able to find them to obtain that guarantee!

Keep in mind, that there are honorable agencies and clinics that will help you. Many of them offer advice and free services. However, there have been many fraudulent companies and most states have very strict laws now about operating practices. There are now agencies in place that are investigating these credit repair companies to assure that they are advertising what their actual services are and are truly legitimate.

Take the time to investigate a company thoroughly before paying them to assure that they are a legitimate, reputable company. Make sure you know what your rights are.

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