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Alternative Energy From BioFuels

Biofuels come are used with organic biological masses. This can include fuels that derive from alcohol, as well as gases and oils. Some of them are used in cars and other engines that are combustible. It has potential to be a renewable type of energy that could be an alternative to our current energy crisis. Many experts and environmentalists believe that there needs to be drastic changes in how we live so that we protect our environment.

Various fuels have potential to be used such as corn and sugar to make ethanol. They are grown all over the world. Gasoline is made with ethanol and other products and is then mixed with gas to raise the amount of octane so, that it is cleaner.

Methanol can also be used in gasoline but is does not burn as well as ethanol. It can be dangerous in high doses and it can be harmful to the environment. It can be explosive. Despite this, it is still being considered as a potential resource for energy.

There are other alternatives being explored such as vegetable oil. Can you imagine? Biodiesel is actually a vegetable based energy which comes from plants. It is much more complicated then traditional vegetable oil however, they do have similar qualities. Scientists are beginning to explore its potential uses such as using this type of fuel in mass quantities. It is made by a process called transesterification which separates the fat from the oil. Europe currently sells this type of fuel.

It is much cleaner and is biodegradable. Long term, this type of fuel may block fuel injectors so, if you use it, it may need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. It can also be used as a heating mechanism also and to make heat in commercial boilers.

Biodisel does not release toxic gases, so it is a cleaner and is a safe fuel. Ii has passed testing for the government’s Clean Air Act.

There are some issues with bio diesel fuel because it does not react well in cold climates. It also may cause wax crystals to form which clog fuel lines. So cars that are driven in cold climates will have more problems than those running on petroleum gasoline.

At least, scientists are beginning to look to alternative ways of heating homes, keeping cars running and alternative forms of energy. Hopefully, in the future this will reduce the cost to run a car and to keep our homes heated. You hope with the amount of scientists and experts working on these complex problems we will move further ahead.

There no special units for storage needed for bio diesel so it can be used in conjunction with or separately from other gases. It does not require major modifications to use it.

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