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All You Want To Know About The Sony Playstation 3 Console

The Playstation 3 console has a sleek design and looks impressive. So what is it that actually makes it tick? What lies underneath the perfect appearance and what goes to make it so famous a brand?

* Playstation 3 Console`s Cell Microprocessor

The most vital part of the Playstation 3 Console is its cell microprocessor, which is what injects the artificial intelligence into the console. The floating point kernels are its strongest point. It is the result of creative brainstorming by the world`s leading companies, Sony, Toshiba and IBM. The cell microprocessor allows channeling of uninterrupted data flow to several aspects of the game, all at once. So the main sprite, the environment, special effects and another core, all receive the same amount of attention, at the same time. This helps in creating the most effective ballistics on projectiles. The cell microprocessor of the Playstation 3 console has a 3.2GHz engine, having 1PPE and 7 SPEs.

* The Reality Synthesizer and the Graphics Processing Unit (RSX GPU)

Sony had mentioned in a full feature in the TIME Magazine that its RSX GPU was only a wee insignificant part of a much more complex system. But in actuality, this part is very fundamental to the complicated functioning system of the Playstation 3 console. It helps in improving the gaming experience as a whole.

This RSX GPU is co-developed by NVIDIA. NVDIA, which is famed for its expertise in producing graphic chips, is mainly responsible for the thundering success of the Playstation 3 console. Play some of the best Playstation 3 games, and you will realize that the visual quality of these games is unparalleled in the history of gaming. The Playstation 3 console is so good, it could make any other product look bleak in comparison.

* Cutting-edge Blu-ray Media Format

Due to war games increasing popularity, Sony has already seen to it that it will have these games running on optical drives that support VCD and DVD formats, so as to give them an edge over the competition. For this purpose, Sony uses the licensed Blu-ray Technology, with an amazing storage capacity of 50 GB.

It is because of this intricately built Blu-ray technology, that Games like Metal Gear Solid 4 are probably the best games anyone will ever create. With breath-taking visuals and sound, realistic backgrounds and explosions, this game goes far beyond the average reaches of gaming.

* Online Gaming

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular today. The Playstation 3 console is built with a futuristic view, to cater to the undying and ever-increasing demand for online gaming. The Playstation 3 console comes with a built-in Playstation Network and can connect automatically to access the latest online games. This is provided free of cost, with the purchase of the Playstation 3 Console. Whether the player wants to download the Xfine Client or just wants a preview of the latest online games, the Playstation 3 console helps him update himself on all the latest happenings in the world of online gaming.

One more advantage of logging on to the Network via the Playstation 3 console is that the player can also get to use Playstation games which are no more in use, for a nominal fee.

Packing all these features into itself, the Sony Playstation 3 console is one of the most popular gaming products, marking an annual sales figure much higher than the rest of the competition. Even something brilliant like the Xbox stands no comparison to the gigantic success of this company.

Of course, the Sony Playstation 3 console is also more expensive than the other brands, but that is only expected, given the fact that it also provides much higher quality, some great games and the gaming experience of a lifetime!

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